Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Microsoft Table, That's Right, Microsoft Enters the Furniture Market!

As you probably already heard, Microsoft announced that they are in development on an interactive table. The idea is to make a touch screen monitor into a table and to go one step further, the table will have multiple cameras that can view your every move and interact as desired.

Imagine the possibilities of this table. Restaurants will display interactive menus where the chef can take your order from the kitchen, come on screen to the table and ask how you would like that cooked while having a face to face conversation. A simple runner would be required to bring your food, until Microsoft creates the restaurant droid...

Poker will have interactive cards where you will virtually throw in chips, turn cards, and all while having a virtual dealer. Cheating will all but disappear. New camera technologies will auto link to the table and allow auto-synchronization of your newest photos to your table. Just like tossing pictures on to the table, you will virtually see the pictures appear from your wifi camera link.

And at home, you can eat dinner while looking through virtual photo albums, video, and even pay bills. Hopefully, none of those pictures show up that you wouldn't want grandma and grandpa to see for thanksgiving dinner.

What are the possibilities for your company, your home, your favorite restaurant? What other unique and creative ideas are you taking advantage of to deliver a better ROI, better service, or just better technology?

Talk to a DSW representative today to find out what latest and greatest technology will add significant value to you. DSW is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we are looking forward to bringing this table to you in the near future.

To see more about the Microsoft table, click here

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