Tuesday, September 4, 2007

DSW Should be Your Support Organization

Many years ago when technology was “stand-alone”, it was relatively easy to purchase a contract from the manufacturer and be assured that IT will have everything it needs to receive the support for the life of the investment.

Today, everything is connected – for a simple reason - there is exponential value by connecting each person within a company to a network and each companies network to the world wide web and leveraging these networks to support numerous applications including traditional applications such as financial and order management systems, as well as telephony, video surveillance, access control, digital signage and many more. Extending these networks to provide these valuable applications via wireless to enable hand held devices provides an infinite degree of information access.

The downside, is that there is no single manufacturer that provides a complete integrated product or maintenance solution, until now. DSW can analyze, design, deliver, implement and support a complete integrated solution and BRIDGE the relationship between your IT department and the manufacturer. By providing exceptional, specialized on-site services, project management, documentation and first call support for day two issues from our factory trained and certified consultants, DSW can be your support organization, complementing your IT experts and vastly increasing organization and support efficiency, minimizing frustrating problems and delivering a solid environment so that you can receive the return-on-investment that a converged infrastructure promises.

We look forward to learning more how we can be your BRIDGE.

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Data Systems Worldwide Achieves Silver Certification from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Woodland Hills, CA. – September 4, 2007 – Data Systems Worldwide, Inc. (“DSW”) announced today it has achieved Silver Certification from Cisco Systems®. The Cisco® Channel Partner program provides DSW with the resource framework to develop an expertise to sell, plan, design, implement and operate Cisco networking solutions. To earn Silver certification, DSW had to meet or surpass the stringent personnel, training, customer satisfaction, specialization, and post-sales support requirements set forth by Cisco.

“We are committed to creating the tools, training and programs that help drive channel partner profitability through improved productivity and return-on-invested capital,” said Surinder Brar, senior director, Worldwide Channels for Cisco. “With specializations in Unified Communications and Advanced Security, DSW has secured the training, skills and knowledge to play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of Cisco technology solutions.”

The program delivers state-of-the-art technical and sales training so that certified partners can increase their ability to deliver services related to the latest Cisco technologies for maximized productivity. Cisco Silver Certified partners are recognized and rewarded for employing some of the industry’s best-trained network technicians who can demonstrate their expertise in planning, designing, implementing and supporting Cisco network solutions. These teams of network technicians are audited annually to ensure that they consistently deliver industry-leading support and maintain the rigorous Cisco standards for network expertise and support capabilities.

As a Cisco Silver Certified Partner, DSW enjoys several benefits, most notably, access to the latest Cisco customer satisfaction tool, Partner Access onLine (PAL). The new PAL tool is based on the same technology that Cisco uses to monitor and improve its own customer satisfaction. Other benefits include increased access to the Cisco technical support teams as well as access to password-protected Websites with real-time product and training information.

Cisco Silver Certified partners provide technical services to their clients with one-hour response time for problem resolution and 24-hour on-site response capabilities. These rigorous support requirements highlight DSW’s commitment to supporting its strategic business network and sustainable business models.

About DSW
Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, DSW has been recognized as “One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Southern California,” a “Smart 100 Technology Company,” a “VAR 500” company and a member of numerous industry advisory boards. In 2005, DSW’s founder Frank Mogavero was inducted into the exclusive Computer Industry Hall of Fame.

DSW offers an innovative approach to help our clients throughout the technology investment lifecycle to improve application uptime and security while decreasing operational cost. DSW invests heavily in researching the latest technology, testing the technology in our Secure Network Application Platform (SNAP) lab, training personnel to provide exceptional support and tailoring our Business-2-net (B2n) Portal to monitor and manage this technology. As a founding member of 1NService, Inc., DSW extends support throughout North America, leveraging a network of nearly 2000 IT professionals.

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Cisco, Cisco Systems and the Cisco logo are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems Inc. in the United States and certain other countries.

The Microsoft Table, That's Right, Microsoft Enters the Furniture Market!

As you probably already heard, Microsoft announced that they are in development on an interactive table. The idea is to make a touch screen monitor into a table and to go one step further, the table will have multiple cameras that can view your every move and interact as desired.

Imagine the possibilities of this table. Restaurants will display interactive menus where the chef can take your order from the kitchen, come on screen to the table and ask how you would like that cooked while having a face to face conversation. A simple runner would be required to bring your food, until Microsoft creates the restaurant droid...

Poker will have interactive cards where you will virtually throw in chips, turn cards, and all while having a virtual dealer. Cheating will all but disappear. New camera technologies will auto link to the table and allow auto-synchronization of your newest photos to your table. Just like tossing pictures on to the table, you will virtually see the pictures appear from your wifi camera link.

And at home, you can eat dinner while looking through virtual photo albums, video, and even pay bills. Hopefully, none of those pictures show up that you wouldn't want grandma and grandpa to see for thanksgiving dinner.

What are the possibilities for your company, your home, your favorite restaurant? What other unique and creative ideas are you taking advantage of to deliver a better ROI, better service, or just better technology?

Talk to a DSW representative today to find out what latest and greatest technology will add significant value to you. DSW is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we are looking forward to bringing this table to you in the near future.

To see more about the Microsoft table, click here

The Data Center Cabling Nightmare... How to Make it A Dream...

If you’re like us, your data center started out a crisp, clean, beautiful representation of your company. However, with time even the most advanced data centers can become a tangled mess of unkempt Ethernet, and Fiber cables.

Most IT departments are too busy doing to go back and clean up the mess, so what can you do to fix the problem?

Panduit to the rescue!

Panduit is the leading manufacturer of data center cable management systems. Their regular influx of new products consistently shock the market – oftentimes making you say “finally someone thought of that.”

But wait, there’s more, they also sell cable, pathways, and racks. In fact, Panduit arguably carries the broadest spectrum of products in the industry.

Unfortunately buying Panduit doesn’t magically resolve your issues; but never fear, we’ve collected the following tips throughout our experience in managing DSW’s in-house data center

1. Do a full cleanup. Plan it for a Maintenance window, develop a strategy, and make sure you have lots of help.

2. Precut patch cables and hang up extras for ease of accessibility.

3. Add a cable management check to your daily or weekly data center management procedures.

4. Add a cabling section to all new servers, network equipment, and changes.

5. Appoint a person or vendor be responsible for a quarterly check, and have them re-cable necessary to resolve messes.

6. Remove old cables. If you can see the pins, it shouldn't be there. If you unplug it, hang it back up on the patch hangers.

For recommendations on a specific data center, or to get a free evaluation, don’t hesitate to contact a DSW representative.