Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Data Center Cabling Nightmare... How to Make it A Dream...

If you’re like us, your data center started out a crisp, clean, beautiful representation of your company. However, with time even the most advanced data centers can become a tangled mess of unkempt Ethernet, and Fiber cables.

Most IT departments are too busy doing to go back and clean up the mess, so what can you do to fix the problem?

Panduit to the rescue!

Panduit is the leading manufacturer of data center cable management systems. Their regular influx of new products consistently shock the market – oftentimes making you say “finally someone thought of that.”

But wait, there’s more, they also sell cable, pathways, and racks. In fact, Panduit arguably carries the broadest spectrum of products in the industry.

Unfortunately buying Panduit doesn’t magically resolve your issues; but never fear, we’ve collected the following tips throughout our experience in managing DSW’s in-house data center

1. Do a full cleanup. Plan it for a Maintenance window, develop a strategy, and make sure you have lots of help.

2. Precut patch cables and hang up extras for ease of accessibility.

3. Add a cable management check to your daily or weekly data center management procedures.

4. Add a cabling section to all new servers, network equipment, and changes.

5. Appoint a person or vendor be responsible for a quarterly check, and have them re-cable necessary to resolve messes.

6. Remove old cables. If you can see the pins, it shouldn't be there. If you unplug it, hang it back up on the patch hangers.

For recommendations on a specific data center, or to get a free evaluation, don’t hesitate to contact a DSW representative.

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