Tuesday, September 4, 2007

DSW Should be Your Support Organization

Many years ago when technology was “stand-alone”, it was relatively easy to purchase a contract from the manufacturer and be assured that IT will have everything it needs to receive the support for the life of the investment.

Today, everything is connected – for a simple reason - there is exponential value by connecting each person within a company to a network and each companies network to the world wide web and leveraging these networks to support numerous applications including traditional applications such as financial and order management systems, as well as telephony, video surveillance, access control, digital signage and many more. Extending these networks to provide these valuable applications via wireless to enable hand held devices provides an infinite degree of information access.

The downside, is that there is no single manufacturer that provides a complete integrated product or maintenance solution, until now. DSW can analyze, design, deliver, implement and support a complete integrated solution and BRIDGE the relationship between your IT department and the manufacturer. By providing exceptional, specialized on-site services, project management, documentation and first call support for day two issues from our factory trained and certified consultants, DSW can be your support organization, complementing your IT experts and vastly increasing organization and support efficiency, minimizing frustrating problems and delivering a solid environment so that you can receive the return-on-investment that a converged infrastructure promises.

We look forward to learning more how we can be your BRIDGE.

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