Monday, September 15, 2008

DSW: Lead Architect for EastSide Cannery Las Vegas

By Ryan Peterson, Regional Director for Data Systems Worldwide.

On August 28th, 2008, the Las Vegas Boulder Strip saw a historical event when a Hotel and Casino opened its doors. The first time in 14 years a Casino has opened since Boulder Station opened in 1994. Don’t let the Eastside Cannery’s industrial 60’s feel fool you though, some of the most advanced technology systems run the many different services that Eastside Cannery offers. With Cisco 6500 switches at the Core of the network using Cisco’s VSS technology, Eastside Cannery is offering the first Active-Active networking service where all switches work together in a much more efficient way. For all the high tech guys: Cannery is running 10GB backbone with 40 Gigs between MDF and IDFs, etherchannel between 2960s in the slot banks and each VSS node. With this topology, the chances of any part of the slot floor going down (more than 1 bank) are improbable. With the network as a platform for applications, the other technologies that followed were easy to implement and better yet have significant redundancy.

Data Systems Worldwide was the lead technical architect for this property. In addition, DSW implemented the Cisco Network (including a Slot machine network), the Cisco Voice platform (including the 307 room hotel), and a 600 camera Cisco Surveillance system (including 600 Pelco Cameras).

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