Thursday, April 10, 2008

Connected Real Estate Summit

DSW, along with Cisco Systems, and our partners will co-host a Connected Real Estate seminar at in Glendale, CA. Connected Real Estate comprises solutions that focus on the convergence of IT and building systems onto a common IP infrastructure, reducing operating costs and improving productivity. Key topics at the seminar include both business and technology ranging from understanding the value of connected buildings, energy efficiency, green facilities, building – IT convergence, current architectures, existing and upcoming technologies to name a few.

Cisco Connected Real Estate (CCRE) is a framework designed to create value and opportunity for building developers, owners and occupiers within the construction, real estate and property services sector. An 'intelligent' connected building uses an integral network to reduce capital and operating expenditures for key stakeholders over the building's lifecycle and creates more productive and flexible workplaces through scalable collaboration, mobility and remote connectivity tools.

DSW and Cisco will demonstrate how IP technology can:

• Reduce the capital expenditure on constructing a new building

• Reduce the costs of building operation

• Increase security and staff productivity

• Offer owners and tenants flexible and adaptable working environments

• Generate new revenue streams

• Green buildings

Aimed at business decision makers, the day will consist of key speakers from DSW and Cisco, along with demonstrations of technology. Customers will learn how the IP network is emerging as the 4th utility, delivering more services and increasing productivity while also reducing costs.

In addition, important updates on Cisco Unified Communications, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage will be provided, as well as Ethernet and Wireless networking technologies.

For more information about dates and times, please contact your DSW representative.

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