Monday, December 3, 2007

Pass the cheer and get a $20 Starbucks gift card when you set up a meeting with DSW to learn about:

Websense Express allows organizations under 1000 users to quickly and easily protect their employees from Internet risks by controlling access to inappropriate content and proactively blocking security threats before they have a chance to infect their systems.

Websense Enterprise, the industry-leading web filtering solution, improves productivity, reduces legal liability, and optimizes the use of IT resources. Websense Enterprise integrates seamlessly with leading network infrastructure products to offer unequaled flexibility and control.

New On-Demand Services can reduce business costs, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure that your network meets the highest standards of Internet security.

Websense protects more than 25 million employees from external and internal computer security threats. Using a combination of preemptive content identification, categorization, and information leak prevention technologies, Websense helps organizations block malicious code, prevent information leaks, and manage Internet and wireless access.

Organizations over 100 employee's qualify by meeting with your DSW rep in person to learn more about Websense.
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